Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Games People Play

Loteria. I only heard of it because we had to come up with four cards each. It's a card-game that's played in Mexico, apparently. I don't know how they play it, I only know that the deck contains 54 cards, each different, and numbered one to fifty-four. The images range from the abstract, like El Diablito (the Devil) and La Muerte (Death) to solid, clunky ones, like El Cazo (the Saucepan) and La Bota (the Boot).
I chose to do the ones below because they are all connected with water. I almost did them all in blue too, but then I overthrew my prissy, orderly self and here are the results. Orderly, but pretty? Or just pretty orderly?

All my references were taken from Flickr CC.

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