Tuesday, April 27, 2010

All Sort of Windows

More postcard-sized watercolours on handmade paper. These pooches going on a drive were done from emdot's photograph on Flickr.

I painted these brushes in a milk-jug from 1Happysnapper's Flickr upload.

Here's the greatest erection any man ever got up for a woman, the Tajmahal, seen from the Red Fort in Agra, where Shahjahan spent his final years in imprisonment. This is the view of the Taj I like the best, and I always wonder how it must have felt for a king to view his creation from prison. Thanks to rednivaram for the reference.

Another Islamic window, this time from the Charminar in my city. This was painted from a photograph I took when I went on a photo-walk with the Hyderabad Photography Society. The burqa clad girl in the picture actually ran back to the window and briefly opened her veil for me to photograph her.

From elNico's photograph on Flickr, this one shows a sunset bringing back some dreary windows to life.

This time the colours are more or less true to the paintings, but these images are not clear at all. I have to get me a scanner, a refrain I've been whining for awhile now.


  1. ...these are wonderful, those three little pooches in the car window are a treat...

  2. It is so good to see you posting again. I love the doggie faces...so cute and colorful. Nice window paintings...I really like the reflections in the last one!

  3. "burqa clad girl in the picture"

    V nice! from the chowmohalla walk ?


  4. i loved the pooches...!
    wow..mam.. im a fan of urs!!

  5. "Greatest erection!!!" By Jove, I have never heard anyone say that before. You are definitely quirky ma'am. WCC would have strangled that sense of humour in you. I'm glad you're doing what you like but I'm sad that the students will be missing that spicy you.

    Joy always,