Thursday, August 6, 2009

Peter Max Inspired

I discovered Peter Max through this swap in his honour. Most of Max's bright and colourful work was evidently done in the 70s and 80s. Maybe Max' childhood in Shangai was what whooshed his work with colour. He uses lots and lots of pure colour; no blending, no mixing, absolutely no limits on the palette.

Here are my paintings, all in watercolour. I was apologetic about them being in watercolour and therefore not quite as bright as these photos show them to be... the max that wasn't possible, was the way I put it, and I love my dreadful pun, so there. However, after looking at some of the artist's watercolour work, I think I haven't done too badly with the colour. Only acrylics could be really truly gaudy.


Lotsapotsaluv (Yesssssss!!!)

The Oranges Swimming


  1. Rahel loved the leaffloat! Looking at your blog together.

  2. Yeah the leaffloat was cool! I just started my blog and saw yours. I mean the best of everything painted there was the leaffloat. I just loved it.
    Send me some of those mindblowing pics. will you.
    Please Mithila pretty please with a lump of sugar on it.