Saturday, August 29, 2009


SAHMET is organising an exhibition of 8"x10" paintings by artists known and unknown. This is for M.F. Hussain, whose 94th birthday is on the 17th of September. I got to know of this very late, but just had to paint something because I love M.F. Hussain.

I thought I'd mimic his way of abstracting personality through details of dress or appearance, minus the features. Therefore the white hair, and the glasses. Then, I wanted to bring in his film poster painting. Finally, I thought I'd put in these lyrics because they capture exactly what I feel very often: Ik khwab se dekha hoon, tabeer nahin banti... tasveer nahin banti. (I keep trying to paint a picture, and the picture doesn't get painted. I have this vision, but it refuses to be put down on paper.)

For Hussain, in exile in a faraway country, with love.


  1. Well, my dear girl what a body of work you are producing!! U are just getting better and better at the themes that u are choosing. Cant wait for ur next one! Really loved the celestial critters too.

  2. Mythili,

    Enjoyed wandering among your wonderful paintings and the ramblings. Some of them made better impression on me : the rain forest creatures is a nice innovation and the effect is amazing, the stick stars are idenifiable and funny, and 20 minutes, all told is beautiful. You have arrived!


  3. You're doing a lot of very creative work, and that's the most important thing in art: imagination. Technique develops as you need it, so just keep thinking up original ideas and you'll make it. Many fine watercolorists in India, I hope you know of Milind Mulick...maybe you can enroll in one of his workshops, he's GREAT. Now get back to the studio and paint!