Thursday, January 28, 2010

A New York Scramble Into the New Year

Can't let the first month of the new year slide by. After many moons, here is a fresh entry. I was in New York for more than a month in November-December last year. Shiv and I stayed in an apartment in Jersey City the first ten days. This is a picture of JC from the Hudson when I went to see the Statue of Liberty. I painted this on Lokta paper after I came home, and then stuck the painting into my moleskine.

Here's the Lady herself, strong-armed and somehow... sad.

Nothing sad about this view out the window at a Spanish cafe in Jersey, where I sat and marvelled at the raining yet sanguinary world outside while waiting for my bowl of soup-of-the-day.


  1. I liked the statue of liberty the most in all of them. How you got the correct emerald green and the beutiful purple to match. It was overall the best. I liked the big red car as well, but not more than the statue of liberty.

  2. Hey Myth
    I really loved the sketch of Dinah's house and the realistic one of D.The view from the 6th floor window in Kochi and and of course of the milk jug with 3 brushes.The others were also fabulous....esp. ur comments....

  3. Hi mam,
    The color combination of the statue of liberty is really awesome.