Monday, April 20, 2009

African Brush

The exchange was called Out of Africa. I did not sign up for it, but I kept looking in to see the vivid African images that were being posted. Then I saw that one of the participants, an artist from Sudan, couldn't receive mail from the U.S. and Australia, and those countries couldn't get mail from Sudan. So I offered to act as go-between, and the cards started pouring in. People who were from other countries not affected by the postal stand-off also routed their cards through me. And, most of them included an ATC for me too, for acting as go-between. The first lot of cards took an age to reach Sudan, but did finally arrive. The second lot will also eventually reach. Meanwhile, I couldn't resist painting a few African faces myself.

Zulu Dancer Masaai Woman, from photo by wwarby on Flickr Creative Commons

Masaai woman, from photo by steve withers on Flickr Creative Commons, Masai child, from photo by Stevie Weaver on Flickr Creative Commons.

Masaai woman, and elder, from photos by wwarby on Flickr Creative Commons.
Masaai tribesman, from photo by The Dilly Lama on Flickr Creative Commons.

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