Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Phallic Symbol :)

These are pictures from the last project I was on, in WetCanvas. We had to paint 24 kinds of whatever we chose to paint. There was an artist who painted flowers, another who painted bottles, a third who painted cats, another who painted songbirds... I decided to paint... b a n a n a s. A nice and cheerful fruit, the banana. Associated with babies and picnics and pushcarts and athletes and monkeys and madness and hilarious slip-ups. Easy to paint, too. Also, a banana could lead to just about anything. You could paint banana flowers or leaves, bananas on display or on the tree. Possibilities, endless possibilities. Just what I needed to get back to painting after nearly a month of doing nothing. A phallic symbol, a jumpstart to creativity, laughter-causing not awe-inspiring, which is otherwise the case with these symbols.
AAWWRRRGGGHH! I'm finding it horribly difficult to arrange the images the way I want to. Wonder why. I need to credit the photographers whose images in Flickr Creative Commons I painted from.


  1. cool fruit pics Mithila, and bananas are very good for the nerves apparently!...

  2. Thanks, Kat. When next I reach for a bottle, I'll eat a banana instead ; ).

  3. I am so very impressed with your paintings especially the phallic symbol:-).

  4. I find the yellow flower thing like still life. It looks coooooooooooooool. I think the others that you made are not made for competing because if it was competing that I am sure the yellow flower would win.