Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vacation/Holiday Memories

Though Vacation/Holiday Dreams was the second exchange I joined on WetCanvas, some of my paintings are still to reach their destinations. It was like this: I decided to paint in oils, on canvas. I found out that painting on such a small scale (6"x4") using oils was not at all easy. And then, I'm not temperamentally suited to oils. They take an age to dry, and I'm always in a hurry. But oh, man, am I still skidding.
Here are some of the paintings of this exchange.

People bring places to life.

A woman sells items for puja outside Pasupatinath Temple, Kathmandu.

A little girl at the carnival in Patras.

A Konda Reddy woman in her hut in the Khammam forests.
Many of the picture-pretty places in India are pilgrimage centres.
Morning dawns in Benares, as photographed by my husband.

A girl and the Buddha. This was some sort of a burial shrine in Nepal.

Trees can have so many place-related associations that most vacationeers have at least a couple of snaps of the leafy denizens that they came across on their travels.

Trees in the Himalayas, photographed by my son when he went on a trek.

A lone tree, braving the elements in the Himalayas.

Toddy palms in the South of India. Ah, what can I say about toddy... a little sweet, a little white, a little, just a very little, fermented... the blessings of a bountiful Earth.

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